1. Can we bring food or drinks in the site? 

Bringing your own consumption is not permitted on the Hydro-Québec Montréal ePrix site.


2. Can we bring our own chair?

To allow everyone to equally enjoy their experience, we do not allow anyone to bring their own chair.

3. Can we re-enter the site if we have exited it? 

Yes. Your pass is valid for goings and comings.

Yes. Every stand seat is reserved. Your seat number is written on your ticket.

4. Are stands seats reserved?

5. Can we watch the race from the eVillage and the activities zones? 

Screens will be installed to allow everyone in the activities zones to follow the race. You can also directly see the circuit from three of the five activities zones.

6. Is there a designated seating area for people with reduced mobility?

a.    A section for people with reduced mobility is at the junction betweet De la Gauchetière and Berri since the closest metro exit (station Berri-UQAM) has an elevator. 

7. Can my child get in the ePrix site without a ticket?

Children aged 5 and over need to have a ticket. Children aged 4 and under accompanied by an adult do not need a ticket. For assigned seats, the child needs to sit on the accompanying adult.

8. I am a resident, business owner or I work in the race’s area, where can I know how I will be affected by the ePrix?

All decisions regarding the residents, the circuit, the traffic and the streets are made by the Ville-Marie borough. They will keep you informed until the ePrix. You can also contact them by phone by dialling 311 or by e-mail at formule-e@ville.montreal.qc.ca


1. Why are the Formula E races directly in the streets in the middle of the cities?

Formula E believes that cities are the natural environment of electric cars and that having the races on street circuits in the middle of the city will promote the use and increase the popularity of electric vehicles.

2. How loud is a Formula E car? 

Formula E’s cars are hardly louder than an average gasoline powered car (80 dB for 70 dB respectively) and the futurist noise they make come from their tires on the circuit, their aerodynamics and their electric drivetrain.

3. Why do drivers change cars during the race? Why not simply change the battery?

Drivers have to change cars during the race because today’s electric technology doesn’t allow a car to go full speed for an hour. One of the purposes of Formula E is, in fact, to accelerate the development of battery technologies and electric drivetrains.

As for not changing the battery instead of the car, for safety reasons it is not allowed to swap car batteries during a race. In order to respect the FIA’s safety norms, the batteries are sealed so removing them quickly is impossible.