When is the Montréal E-Prix happening?

The 2 races of the Hydro-Québec Montréal ePrix will happen on July 28 and 29, 2018.  See the complete schedule of activities here.


Where will the Montréal E-Prix take place?

The Montréal E-Prix will take place on a brand new street circuit in the heart of Montréal, located on René-Lévesque Boulevard, Papineau Avenue, and the streets Viger E. and Berri.

The site has 3 entrances.  We invite you to refer to the information below to facilitate your arrival to the site.

Berri Entrance: at the corner of the streets Berri and De La Gauchetière

o    Stand 10

o    Wheelchair Accessible Platform

Cartier Entrance: at the corner of René-Levesque Boulevard and Papineau Avenue

o    Stand 1

o    Emotion Club

o    Boxes

St. Antoine Entrance: at the corner of the streets Berri and St. Antoine

o    General Admission

o    Stands 5, 12, 13 Airbnb 14

Where can I buy tickets for the Montréal E-Prix?

You can buy tickets for the 2 races online at evenko.ca or by phone at 1-855-310-2525.

Starting July 24, you will be able to buy tickets at our Berri Entrance box office (corner of Berri and De La Gauchetière). 

Here are the opening hours of the circuit’s 3 box offices:

Berri Box Office

From July 24 to July 27 (Monday to Thursday): Noon to 6 p.m.

July 28 (Friday): 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

July 29 and 30 (Saturday and Sunday): 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Cartier Box Office

July 28 (Friday): 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

July 29 and 30 (Saturday and Sunday): 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

St. Antoine Box Office

July 29 and 30 (Saturday and Sunday): 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Are the seats in the stands reserved seating?

Yes. All the seats in the stands are reserved seating. Your seat number is written on your ticket.

Is it possible to watch the races from the eVillage or the activity zones? 

Screens will be installed so you can watch the races from all the activity zones. Also, you will be able to see the circuit directly from 3 of the 4 activity zones.

Is there a place for people with reduced mobility?

A section for people with reduced mobility is located at the corner of De la Gauchetière and Berri, i.e. near the exit with an elevator of the Berri-UQAM station.

Can my child enter the ePrix site without a ticket?

Children aged 5 and over need a ticket. A child aged 4 or under accompanied by an adult doesn’t need a ticket. For reserved seats, the child must sit on the accompanying adult.

Can we re-enter the site if we leave it?

Yes, your pass is valid to go back and forth from the site.

I am a resident, a merchant, or I work in the sector of the races. Where can I learn how I will be affected by the E-Prix?

For more information about the decisions relating to the residents, the circuit and the street closures, we invite you to contact the Ville-Marie borough by phone at 311 or by email at formule-e@ville.montreal.qc.ca

 What types of installations and services can I find on the Montréal E-Prix site?

A variety of food stands

Water and other refreshing beverages

Beer and other alcoholic beverages

Clean washrooms at several convenient locations on the site

Recycling and compost bins

Phone charging stations

Locker rental (St. Antoine Entrance, in the eVillage and in the Hydro-Québec Family Zone) with Lock And Go https://locketgo.com/evenements/fe/

Breastfeeding tent and changing tables in the picnic space of the Hydro-Québec Family Zone.

What can I eat on the Montréal E-Prix site?

A large variety of food stands will be open. Beverages such as water, beer and other types of alcohol can be bought on site. The legal drinking age for alcohol in Quebec is 18 years old. If you wish to drink alcoholic beverages on the site, please bring two (2) valid pieces of identification, and make sure to drink responsibly.

It is allowed to bring a transparent plastic water bottle to the Montréal E-Prix site, which you will be able to fill at the water fountains that will be available. It is possible that we could ask you to empty it before entering the site. It is forbidden to bring alcohol.

What happens if it rains?

The races will happen come rain or shine. Please consider the temperature carefully and dress accordingly.

Can I bring my camera?

Yes, cameras are allowed. However, professional audio or video recording equipment is not allowed.

Here is a complete list of what is allowed and what is forbidden on the Montréal E-Prix site: 


One (1) plastic water bottle (water fountains on the site)

Beach towels and blankets

Raincoats / small umbrellas

Purses (every bag will be searched)

Sunscreen (except in inflammable aerosol cans)

Digital cameras

Cameras with detachable lenses

Disposable cameras


Folding chairs


Outside alcoholic beverages

Illegal drugs and drug paraphernalia

Glass bottles and cans

Hard-sided coolers


Musical instruments


Beach balls, soccer balls, Frisbees, etc.

Large sports umbrellas


Animals (except guide dogs)


Laser pointers

Water squirt gun or mist

Broadcasting equipment

Professional audio/video recording equipment

Items intended for sale or promotion

Firearms, knives, or weapons of any kind

Any object that can be used to cause bodily harm


Forbidden items will be confiscated. We recommend not bringing them to the site at all to save you the extra hassle!

Is there a locker room or lockers on the site?

Yes, lockers will be available at the St. Antoine Entrance, in the eVillage and in the Family Zone. Please note that a fee will be charged for this service.

Is there medical staff on the site?

Medical staff will constantly be present on the site. Please bring any prescription drug you might need and avoid situations that could damage your health. Even though it’s important to have fun during the races, please moderate your consumption of alcohol and remain well hydrated by drinking a lot of water and juice throughout the day. Please also make sure to take breaks in the shade if needed.

Lost and Found

During the event, the lost and found will be at the information stands in the Welcome Area, the Family Zone and the Allianz eVillage. After the event, please call 514-989-2839 or write to preposeacces@centrebell.ca.



1. Why are the Formula E races on street circuits in the middle of downtown?

Formula E believes that cities are the natural environment of electric cars and that having the races on street circuits will promote the use and increase the popularity of electric vehicles in cities.

2. How loud is a Formula E car?

Formula E’s electric cars are hardly louder than an average gasoline powered car (80 dB for 70 dB). The futuristic noise they make comes from their tires on the circuit, their aerodynamic shape and their electric transmission.

3. Why do drivers change cars during the race? Why not simply change the battery?

Drivers have to change cars during the race because today’s electric technology doesn’t allow a car to go full speed for an hour without recharging the battery. One of the purposes of Formula E is, in fact, to accelerate the development of battery technologies and electric transmissions.


As for changing cars completely, according to the FIA’s safety rules, it is not allowed to swap car motors during a race. In order to respect safety norms, the batteries are sealed so removing them quickly is impossible.